Group trainings

Duration I version : 24 hours (3 days)

Duration II version: 64 hours (8 days = 4 weeks)

Scope of training:

The participants broaden their knowledge of health at work, anatomy and diseases of skin and feet, treatment of excessive sweating and warts.

Practical classes in cosmetic and specialist pedicure with special attention paid to methods of removal of corns and work with scalpel.

In addition, the participants gain practical knowledge of skin dressing after removal of corns, making custom orthoses and nail reconstruction.

The participants receive:

  • a full set of teaching materials,
  • a work table with equipment,
  • an armchair with rotary tools,
  • selected models,
  • a certificate,
  • food and drinks (water, coffee, tea, lunch).


Trainings can be arranged according to individual needs.

We can also organize group trainings.

Price I version: 2000 zł/person

Price II version: 6000 zł/person