Diabetic Foot

Patient No. 1

We used Ligasano white to treat the patient.

LIGASANO white is a therapeutically effective PUR foam material with a
wide range of uses for wound care and prevention.

The therapeutic uses are based essentially on 3 underlying physical principles:
-Mechanical stimulus: Stimulates local blood circulation in the wound
and where there is skin contact, thereby improving the supply of
nutrients and oxygen in the wound area (activation of the wound) and
act as a preventative on skin which is still intact.
-Low-pewssure tension.
-Specific suction effect: Absorbs excess fluid without the drying-out
effect. Creates a moist and warm wound environment, reduces germs,
cleans the wound, with no sticking to the wound. Averts skin
maceration and is skin-friendly.

LIGASANO white is used in:

– Basic wound treatment
– Ulcer treatment
– Bedsores treatment
– Burns and abrasions treatments
– Prevention of bedsores
– Prevention of fungal infections
– Prevention of inflammations of the skin