Monoart Spray Ice

Cooling spray in a 200 ml aerosol.
Ideal for cooling materials (impression, etc.).

Propolis Extract

For body and feet care (for external use only). For every type of skin. Exceptions: Allergic reaction to propolis. Caution: Protect eyes.

ProntoMan® Gel

ProntoMan® Gel has disinfecting properties. In podology, it is used to treat inflammation of the nail fold.

Instructions for use?
Apply a thin layer of ProntoMan® Gel to the exposed areas of the foot and leave until dry. Do not rub or wash off the protective layer of the gel. In order to prevent infections and mycosis, it is recommended to apply the gel twice a day after washing your feet and nails. In order to achieve better disinfection effects, it is recommended to use ProntoMan Spray together with ProntoMan Gel.