Individual Orthosis

Orthotics are auxiliary measures that are solid, made from suitable material and for individual customer needs. They are used to relief painful area or therapy and prevention from deformation of the toes.

They bring immediate relief and provide protection. They are odorless, hypoallergenic and can be washed. They do not make trouble while wearing.

They are handmade by podiatrist to:
– Correct position of the toes
– Relief and stabilization
– Protection of painful places against friction and pressure
– Propping up, straightening of the body, whose functionality is limited
– Replace mission body

Indications for use:
– Hallux valgus
– Onychogryphosis
– Rider fingers
– Corns between the toes
– Corns on the outer edges of the small toes
– Wounds and sores

If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

Cost of treatment 30-120 zł