Ours Specialists

Justyna Spychała

Justyna Spychała


Katarzyna Garbowska

Katarzyna Garbowska

Podologist, a specialist in treatment and care of the feet

Karolina Modliborska

Karolina Modliborska

Podologist, a specialist in treatment and care of the feet.

Justyna  Napora

Justyna Napora

Podologist, a specialist in treatment and care of the feet

Aneta Langier

Aneta Langier

Podologist, a specialist in treatment and care of the feet

Justyna Nyczka

Justyna Nyczka

Podologist, a specialist in treatment and care of the feet

Monika  Duraj

Monika Duraj

Specjalista ds. podologii

Leczenie stóp i paznokci – nam można zaufać!


We would like to inform you than from March 14, 2018, we are changing our location in Opole. We invite you to our new salon on ul. Ksiazat Opolskich 5-7.

We invite you cordially!!

*The Cabinet in Wrocław remains unchanged.




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In order to meet your expectations, Salon Zdrowe Stopy Garbowska is now offering home visits. Most of our clients are older people who are not always able to visit our salon. Now they don’t have to! We can give you medical pedicure in the comfort of your home. We will bring necessary equipment, sterile tools and cosmetics.Please book your visits in advance.

„Healthy Feet Garbowska” is a leading salon dealing with a specialist foot care.

In order to help our patients in a wide range of issues our team from “Healthy Feet Garbowska” are in partnership with a group of physicans from related areas. We provide consultations of dermatologists, diabetologists and surgeons. We apply VHO Osthold braces, as the only company in Wroclaw, and we are authorized to perform specialized pedicures for people with diabetes.

Salon “Healthy Feet Garbowska” was founded in 2002 by Catherine Garbowska, owner, leading in her practice in Wroclaw since 2000. During her many years of practice her goal became to build the best team of young, ambitious people for whom the profession of specialist care and treatment of the feet is a real passion.

Knowledge and Experience

Salon Employees at “Healthy Feet Garbowska” constantly work to expand their knowledge, improve qualifications and learn the latest trends in the treatment of the feet to offer their patients the latest and most up to date treatments that will bring permanent results.

All employees are members of the Polish Pediatric Society. Partnership with National Healthy Legs Feet Programme allows us to introduce any new products that are available on the European market.

Free consultations

Welcome to our offices in Wroclaw and Opole for a free consultation of all patients who have problems with their feet. Please call us to arrange a convenient appointment time.


In our office we use an autoclave, which is used to sterilize surgical instruments. Patient safety is our top priority, so we always use sterile supplies and accessories. During the treatments we use disposable dressings and medical products companies such as Hartmann, Ruck, Schulke, Gehwol, Peclavus, SyNeo, Remmel-s Propolis, Ligas, ConvaTec, ProntoMan, Camillien60.

We collect material for laboratory examination. Hygiene and sterilization is essential to perform a safe abortion.



Our job is to prevent the emergence of the changes on the feet. Persons aged 30 years and above should use the service of the salon that is dealing with a specialist foot care at least once every two months, this applies primarily to people whose parents or grandparents have foot problems. This way we will avoid the formation of calluses and corns, or also ingrown nails.

For people with diabetes prevention is very important, because feet are changing here faster and neglected can even lead to amputation. This way we will protect oneself from syndrom of diabetic foot, ulceration, skin and nail fungus, therefore to quickly recognize danger the treatment is preceded by history and podiatric examination.



We offer a cutting-edge device by ShoeFresh for disinfecting and cleaning shoes and more.

Daily use of shoes in places such as sports stadiums, tennis courts, gyms, forest or mountain trails can make your shoes damp or even soaking wet. In combination with natural foot sweating, this makes your shoes and feet a perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold and bacteria, resulting in an unpleasant odour.
To prevent it, use Shoefresh device to keep your shoes fresh and dry at all times. The ozonation technology is a well-established disinfection method. The medical and food industry uses ozone for disinfection and other purposes. During ozonation, 99.9% of bacteria and spores are killed.  Shoefresh is the only device that both dries and disinfects shoes. Shoefresh can dry your shoes thoroughly from the inside out. Thanks to strong ventilation, the drying process is very quick. Wet shoes are completely dry in just 20 minutes.




Thanks to modern apparatus and dressing materials we are able to help people suffering from various diseases of the feet. We have no problem in treating calloused skin with deep cracks, cracked and chafed from sweat or cutting and grinding calloused and thick nails.

We also offer a classic manicure treatments, Alessandro gel method, OPI, Indigo.

We have modern methods of treatment and foot care as well as professional equipment and products that allow quick and professional elimination of the problem.

In the salon it is possible to buy professional cosmetics, dressing materials and as well as orthopaedic braces or other necessary measures.

We use modern methods of treatment and foot care, our work support the tested units (Jonto–pedo FS3, Jonto–pedovac basic, Jonto–pedovac D1, Gerlach Luna, armchairs podologiczne Gehwol MYA 2, Concept F3, Gerlach peding exklusiv, led lamps Alessandro, Chifa , lunule Laser, Cryopen).


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