Basically for the treatment of external wounds of any type, but especially suitable for the treatment of bleeding and exudating wounds, since the gel-forming properties promote the wound healing process as e.g. in Ulcus cruris venosum, decubitus, abscesses, furuncles, burns and for difficult-to-treat wounds in accident or tumour surgery; for deep wounds and fistula passages is Sorbalgon T available.
Sorbalgon is made of calcium alginate fibers which form a hydrophilic non-adherent gel in contact with the sodium salts contained in blood and wound exudate. The gel-forming properties promote the wound healing process.


Atrauman Ag

Atrauman Ag is an ointment impregnated silver containing wound contact layer. It prevents secondary dressings from sticking to wounds, provides skin care for the wound edges and is antibacterially effective when bacteria come into direct contact with the dressing.
Antibacterial mode of action of Atrauman Ag: Bacteria are destroyed when they come into direct contact with the dressing. The wound exudate together with the killed bacteria and the endotoxins formed in the process are absorbed into the secondary wound dressing.
Atrauman Ag can be combined with all kinds of absorbent wound dressings. For example, hydroactive or gauze dressings are such dressings that are suitable for use as a secondary dressing.


Omnifix E
Omnifix is extremely soft and permeable to air and water vapour. The skin functions are barely disturbed, enabling even large body areas to be covered completely without causing maceration. A synthetic adhesive with excellent strength enhances the non-irritant properties of Omnifix yet can be removed painlessly without leaving residues.The non-woven, elastic support allows the dressing to be securely and smoothly applied to joints and angular parts of the body; movement is not inhibited. Omnifix does not absorb X-rays and thus may be left in place during radiography. If necessary, Omnifix can be sterilised by radiation.

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