For diabetic foot

DIABETEGEN is a new-generation dermal cosmetic facilitating tissue regeneration. It facilitates the process of healing of problematic wounds (e.g. diabetic foot, pressure ulcers, ulcerations, including lower leg trophic ulcers, post-burn and post-fungal lesions). Due to high content of lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and colloidal silver, it is great in cleaning the base and regulating bacteriostatic environment. A high content of growth factors stimulates formation of new tissue. The colloical silver has strong antibacterial properties. Additional ingredients, such as allantoine, panthenol and vitamin E facilitate healing process and mitigate inflammatory lesions. It has a recommendation of the PSD (Polish Association of Diabetics).

Special Ozoncreme- cream with ozon
Peclavus® special ozone cream effectively facilitates tissue regeneration. Enriched ozone particles in the cream ensure proper skin care, stimulating tissue regeneration at the same time. Ozoncreme is recommend for inflammatory diseases of the nail fold and for care of damaged scarf-skin. It has antibacterial properties. It speeds up wound healing. The cream is moderately thick and colourless. After applying a small amount to the skin, the heat of the skin turns the cream into liquid, allowing it to penetrate the tissue. Apart from ozone, the cream is based on natural olive oil and herbal extracts.

Allpresan Diabetic – foam cream for feet
The foam cream contains 10% of urea, pentavitin, panthenon and micro-silver. The foam formula with urea, pentiavitin, panthenol and lipids allows the skin to breathe, nourishes and renforces the protective barrier of the skin while preserving its natural functions. It reduces skin peeling (reduction of surface skin scales) and epidermal callouses. Micro-silver regenerates the natural bacterial flora of the skin. The skin regains smoothness and flexibility. The cream creates an effective protection of the skin against weather conditions and dehydration. It reduces itching and redness of the skin.
It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy hands or greasy spots on the skin. It is also recommended for the care of interdigital skin. It does not contain aromas or preservatives.

Propolis Shea balm – Propolis balm with Karite butter
Propolis balm with Karite butter has unique properties. It is also recommended for sensitive diabetic skin. It is excellent for dry skin, protecting it with specially selected natural ingredients e.g. propolis extract or Karite butter protecting the skin against dehydration. It is also recommended for skin with psoriasis. The allantoin in the balm has anti-inflammatory properties. It is applied to dry and cracked skin, damaged by chemical agents, lubricants, solvents and other corrosive liquids. Shea propolis balm facilitates healing and smoothens scars. It is a perfect after-sun balm. It is excellent for diabetic skin care. It facilitates tissue regeneration. It restores flexibility to the skin tissue. The skin is smooth and well-groomed

Fusscreme Urea – cream with urea
Fusscreme Urea is a cream for specialist dry skin care. Properties and benefits: The cream was designed specially for dry and sensitive skin – for persons with diabetes and psoriasis, eczema and pimples. It contains 10% of urea. It absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky or greasy layers on the skin surface. Its ingredients include e.g. oil from Sea-buckthorn, known for its healing properties and algae extract. The cream is extremely efficient. It contains no dye or preservatives. Fusscreme Urea is a product made from natural ingredients. Thanks to carefully selected natural plant ingredients, Peclavus® Company is able to manufacture effective foot creams and products for professional and effective foot care.

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