For Dry and Callused Feet




GEHWOL med Lipidro-Cream

For optimal care of dry and sensitive skin.
The high-quality ingredients compensate for a lack of lipids and moisture and naturally balance the protective properties of the skin. Urea absorbs water in deeper skin layers. Calluses are softened and excessive reformation is reduced. Sallow thorn oil and avocado oil with a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids supply dry skin with the lipids it lacks and thus prevent the loss of water through evaporation. This effect is supported by a special algae extract. Allantoin, an ingredient of the horse chestnut, promotes the regeneration of the skin. Farnesol has an antibacterial and deodorising effect. Daily usage of GEHWOL med Lipidro-Cream gives you protection against foot odour and infections and has an anti-inflammatory effect.




GEHWOL med Callus Cream

Removes nuisance callus in 28 days.
Urea in high concentrations strengthened with glycerin and allantoin quickly loosens the cell bond of the hard callus layers. The intensive care brings about immediate softening and a noticeable reduction of callus within a few days. Normal conditions are generally reached within 28 days. At the same time, especially skin friendly lipids protect and strengthen the skin, rendering it supple. Silk extract provides moisture and smoothes the skin surface.




GEHWOL Fusskraft Blue

Moisturising, naturally fresh.
Contains tried and tested effective ingredients for the prevention of foot odour, helps to prevent infections and itching between the toes. Natural caring oils such as lanolin are combined with moisturising aloe vera and urea to provide essential care for dry, rough skin on the feet, helping to restore the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and smoothness. The natural essential oils of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender, invigorating camphor and cooling menthol contained in GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT BLUE relieve sore, aching feet immediately. Strengthens and revitalises the feet.




GEHWOL med Salve for Cracked Skin

For persistent foot and nail problems.
The particularly effective series of preparations is well-tried since years. A caring ointment for the treatment of heavily callused, brittle, dry and rough skin GEHWOL med Salve for cracked skin is based on a well-tried mixture of special soaps and selected skin-friendly oils. It contains an effective combination of natural essential oils, the skin-caring vitamin panthenol and the anti-inflammatory chamomile component bisabolene. By regular use your skin will regain its natural elasticity and resistibility and will be protected. Cracked skin, reddening and the unpleasant side effects produced by that will be prevented in particular.




Cream foam with Hyaluron for dry feet

This cream foam for dry and sensitive feet is quickly and completely
absorbed. Hyaluron and Hydroviton provide dry skin with optimum moisture. Peach kernel oil (8%) and Panthenol protect the skin against external influences and leave it feeling fresh and healthy. Contains no fragrance, colourings or preservatives. Dermatologically proven.




Cream foam with Edelweiss, 10 % Urea for very dry feet

The Cream Foam for sensitive, very dry feet is quickly and completely absorbed into the skin. Suitable for use by diabetics. Urea (10%) ensures moisture absorbtion and prevents any further drying out of the skin. The extract of edelweiss, glycerine and panthenol smoothes the skin, leaving it supple. No preservative. No fragrance.



Footbalm with Propolis for smooth feet

Propolis, also referred to as “bee glue”, is particularly valuable in foot care thanks to its ingredients, such as natural oils, beeswax, vitamins, flavonoids and trace elements. It has an antiseptic effect and is soothing and caring. Hardened calluses and cracked skin become softer. The chapped and stressed skin is left feeling soft and smooth again. With its Propolis, the foot balm is excellent for use in daily care and for foot massages.




Balm with Propolish

With oil and honey – emulsion O/W. For body and feet care. For every type of the skin. Exceptions: allergic reactions.




Cream foam with Echinacea, 15 % Urea and 1% Salicylic Acid for rough and cracked feet

This cream foam for rough and cracked feet is quickly and completely absorbed. Echinacea and Panthenol keep the skin soft and supple and support it in its functions. Urea (15%) and salicylic acid prevent the excessive production of calluses and fissures. Contains no fragrance, colourings or preservatives. Dermatologically proven.




Reduction balm for calloused skin with salicylic acid reduction for calloused skin

The reduction balm for calloused skin with an active ingredient from willow bark (salicylic acid) combined with natural oils such as almond oil, olive oil and eucalyptus oil, reduces hard and calloused skin and normalises the skin’s ability to rebuild. The affected areas of skin become soft and smooth again. Cold-pressed almond and olive oil ensure particularly good relubrication and thus positively affect the skin’s moisture balance. Also suitable for hands, elbows and knees.

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