For Sweating Feet



GEHWOL med Deodorant Foot Cream

Intensive deodorant foot cream with long-lasting protection. GEHWOL med Deodorant foot cream is based on caring jojoba oil and aloe vera and contains a new, highly effective combination of manuka oil and active zinc oxides for the long-lasting elimination of strong foot odour. Manuka oil with its tart scent is skin-friendly and has a broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and fungi. It is particularly suitable for foot hygiene. Zinc oxide is an excellent and well-tried ingredient with antimicrobial and skin-protecting properties in the care of sensitive skin.
Aloe vera has a bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and moisturising effect. Natural jojoba oil contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids, is absorbed quickly by the skin and supports important skin functions. Regular use of the mildly moisturising cream gives you odourless feet, protection against fungi and smoothens your skin.




Refreshing, deodorising and skin-caring foot spray GEHWOL liquid once per day – fresh feet for the whole day. Foot care with GEHWOL liquid, especially between the toes and on the heels, immediately alleviates a burning sensation and symptoms of fatigue of the feet. Regular use normalises perspiration. GEHWOL liquid is fat-free, cools and has a long-lasting deodorising effect. Natural essential oils from rosemary and lavender revitalise the feet, stimulate circulation and give longlasting freshness. The well-tried foot tonic deodorises, prevents itching between the toes and offers effective protection against mucous infections of feet and nails. GEHWOL liquid is free from propellants and can be sprayed in any position.



GEHWOL Caring Footdeo

Refreshing foot spray. Deodorises, protects and cares GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO Footdeo contains natural medicinal plant oils from rosemary and lavender, balanced in a combination of herbal extracts from chamomile and peppermint as well as with the main vitamin panthenol. GEHWOL caring FOOTDEO revitalises and stimulates the circulation. It has a long lasting refreshing and deodorising effect and provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. The spray effectively disinfects and protects you from mucous infections of feet and nails. It prevents inflammation and softens hardened calluses. Environment-friendly pump spray without propellant. Spray head can be used upside down as well.



GEHWOL Foot and Shoe Deo

Effective Protection against foot odor, for hygienic freshness.
Ideal for sport and on the go. Zinc Rizinoleate prevents and removes the sweat and odor on the feet and in the shoe. The pleasant scent provides confidence. Antimicrobial active substances protect against fungal infections in hotel rooms, baths, saunas and when trying shoes. Also spray into footwear.
Effective Ingredients – Zinc Rizinoleate, Undecylenamide DEA Triclosan.



GEHWOL Fusskraft Green

For sweaty feet — naturally fresh.
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT GREEN contains well-tried disinfecting substances for the prevention of infections, itching and the formation of blisters between the toes. Perspiration is normalised and the decomposition of sweat is prevented. The feet become fresh, odourless and smooth. The power of nature in the form of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender. The natural essential oils contained in GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT GREEN, revitalising camphor and cooling menthol, immediately relieve sore and aching feet. The foot is strengthened.



syNeo 5 – Deo-Antiperspirant

– Frangrance free
– Stays effective for up to 5 days
– Effectiveness clinically tested
– Not tested on animals
– For armpits and feet
– For women + for men



Deo-spray with Farnesol

Refreshing spray with natural deodorant substance – farnesol – cools down feet and removes unpleasant odour. It works antifungal. Feet are pleasantly dry.



Sensitive – Fusscreme Silber- cream with silver micromolecules

Peclavus Sensitive –  Fusscreme Silber is a cream for specialist foot skin care. It is especially recommended for normal and sensitive skin. The special formula of the cream with silver micromolecules is quickly absorbed by skin tissues, nourishing them in a quick and natural way. It has three properties – regulation, stabilization and antibacterial protection. The cream is intended for normal and sensitive skin. It works especially well in preventing feet odour. It greatly reduces excessive feet sweating and facilitates anti-sweating therapies. It contains no dye or preservatives.



Basic – Fussdeo Creme- cream designed for the care of feet with excessive sweating problem

Peclavus Basic –  Fussdeo Creme is a cream designed for the care of feet with excessive sweating problem. It is absorbed by skin tissues, nourishing them in a quick and natural way. It effectively prevents unpleasant odour of sweaty feet. The cream is effective against foot itching. It has antibacterial properties.  Thanks to its content of salvia, seed oils, glycerin, geranium extract and cocoa butter, it has a long-term effect on skin tissues. It is also an excellent supplementation for therapy of skin fungal disease and foot warts.

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