For Tired Feet



GEHWOL Fusskraft Mint

Cooling foot balm – mint fresh. Makes your feet fresh and fit, before or after an active day. It combines the revitalising icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion composed of an Asian medicinal plant oil with the gentle caring effect of a balm that is immediately absorbed. Natural menthol, essential oils from rosemary, mountain pine and lavender refresh and strengthen tired and aching feet instantly.
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT MINT provides long-lasting protection against foot odour. Well-tried antiseptics prevent athlete’s foot and itching between the toes.
Thinly spread the cream on your feet and legs and gently rub in. It is quickly absorbed, non-greasing, refreshes and gives you the feeling of having clean and supple feet.



GEHWOL Fusskraft Herbal Lotion

Eliminates foot odour, cools and refreshes.
Softens calluses and has a skin-caring effect.
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion cools and refreshes tired feet, softens calluses and prevents itching of the skin and infections.
The feet enjoy long-lasting deodorisation, foot odour is eliminated and the skin remains smooth and beautiful. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion contains a high portion of natural essential oils from rosemary mountain pine and lavender, selected skin-caring substances, deodorising and disinfecting substances and cooling menthol.
GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Herbal Lotion for the daily care of your feet, simply spray on and rub in. Particularly care for heels and the spaces in between the toes. Environmental-friendly pump spray bottle without propellant. Spray head can be used upside down as well.



GEHWOL Refreshing Balm

Cooling cream for fresh feet.
Cares and deodorises.
Natural peppermint oil and menthol refresh tired, sore and strained feet and legs. GEHWOL Refreshing Balm immediately revitalises, cools and deodorises your feet and gives you a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Protective substances regulate the moisture of the skin and restore elasticity to hardened skin areas. GEHWOL Refreshing Balm protects you from infections and itching between the toes, is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy.
Refreshing foot and leg care. Dermatologically tested.




Universal foot cream with broad-spectrum efficacy.
For daily intensive care.
GEHWOL EXTRA intensively cares and strengthens overstrained feet. The skin of the feet is deodorised and disinfected. GEHWOL EXTRA protects against sore feet, infections, foot odour, calluses, sores and blisters and makes dry and rough skin smooth. Natural GEHWOL EXTRA oils from eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and thyme revitalise your feet and increase their performance. GEHWOL EXTRA stimulates the circulation and protects against cold and wet feet.



GEHWOL Footcream

For strained feet and highly stressed skin.
Prevents sores and blisters.
Gerlach’s GEHWOL FOOTCREAM prevents aching feet, sores, blisters, soreness and chafing. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents infections and brings the activity of the perspiratory glands back to a normal level. The cream eliminates foot odour and other side effects of excessive foot perspiration. GEHWOL FOOTCREAM strengthens the skin and makes it resistant. Protects amputation stumps and hands during strong strain. In addition, the foot cream offers protection against cold feet and frostbite. Gerlach’s GEHWOL FOOTCREAM is known since 1882 and is constantly adjusted on the proven basis to the current scientific knowledge. Gerlach’s GEHWOL FOOTCREAM has been successfully used a million times over to treat overstrained feet.



Fussgel kühlend Hammamelis – cooling gel for tired feet

Peclavus Basic – Fussgel kühlend is a gel designed for the care of the so called “burning feet”. It is a very effective gel containing such ingredients as American witch hazel, aloe or menthol that ensures an immediate relief in persons suffering from “burning” feet. It refreshes feet and provides a relief for fatigued feet. It leaves a fresh scent of herbs and stays on the feet for a long time. It can be applied to any type of skin.




Sportspray is designed mainly for athletes and persons who strain their feet a lot during the day. Properties and benefits: The spray quickly regenerates leg muscles after intensive training and physical exercise. It has a cooling and refreshening effect. The active ingredients include: extract from chestnut tre, aloe vera, menthol, sage and rosemary oil. It leaves no greasy layers on the skin. It is absorbed completely by the skin. It contains no dye or preservatives. It should not be applied to open wounds or mucous membranes. Peclavus® Sportspray is a product made from natural ingredients. Thanks to carefully selected natural plant ingredients, Peclavus® Company is able to manufacture effective foot creams and products for professional and effective foot care.

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