Polymers, Plasters and Protective Pads



Completely gel-covered flexible tube for all around protection of toes and fingers.Can be cut to individually required length.


GEHWOL Gel-Ball of Foot Pad 1 piece

The soft, highly elastic pad provides unique protection and comfort. It is worn under the stocking.Helps people with bunions (Hallux valgus) walk. Sizes: normal.


GEHWOL Toe Separator G, NR 2

Gentle and non-slippery relief for corns between the toes. Corrects toes that are displaced, pressed together or overlapping. Protects against wound friction and skin irritation. Suitable for ball deformities of the foot and toe correction.


GEHWOL Hammer Toe Pad G

The hammer toe cushion with wide, elastic tube sits securely without cutting in. Helps prevent skin irritation and corns on the ends of the toes. Definite relief for the ends of the toes. Sizes: normal right/left.


GEHWOL Toe Separators G

Soft, non-slip relief from problems between the toes. With especially pronounced side edges. Immediate relief from corns. Helps prevent wound friction and skin irritation. Corrects displaced toes and toes that lie too close together. Sizes: small, medium, large.


GEHWOL Toe Protection Ring G

Asymmetrically shaped toe protection ring. The thicker side can be positioned over the problem site. Friction protection for corns or verrucas.Sizes: Mini, small, medium, large.



The cap covers the toe. Soft cushioning for irritated painful sites on the ends and sides of the toes. Stops toes rubbing against each other. Use of the toe cap as pressure protection with ingrown toenails, injuries to the nail fold, irritation on the tip of the toe, formation of hard skin and corns between the toes. Sizes: small, medium.



The soft gel with thicker cushioning in the middle relieves pain and “burning” under the sole of the foot. It reduces the formation of hard skin. Protects the middle foot from friction and pressure. Sizes: normal.


GEHWOL Correcction Ring G

The correction ring is a new development which has a variety of uses. Corns on the toes Relieves pressure when placed over the corn. Sizes: normal.


GEHWOL Toe Protection Cap

Flexible polymeric gel in a fine, highly elastic fabric for equal pressure relief, for example with warts or corns.

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