RevitaLash® Advanced

The most efficient and safest enhancer stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows in the world. Its effectiveness and safety has been proven by numerous clinical trials.

The conditioner will make your eyelashes much longer, thicker and more beautiful in just a few weeks. Independent clinical trials have shown that 90% of the respondents claimed that their eyelashes look better and 97% of them noticed an improved look of their eyelashes after 3 weeks of using RevitaLash® Advanced. RevitaLash® Advanced is the answer to women’s dream of beautiful and long lashes. It comes in the form of a cosmetic and is easy to use.

Its effects and safety have been proven by 5 independent research institutes. RevitaLash® Advanced has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, it does not cause allergy, irritation or changes in retinal colour.

Instructions for use:

RevitaLash® ADVANCED should be applied before sleep after removing your makeup to a clean (washed with water and mild soap) and dry eyelid. Apply a small amount of the product with one sweep of the applicator directly at the base of your eyelashes. The product is also recommended for people after chemotherapy. The enhancer can also be applied to lengthened and thickened eylashes as it does not dissolve the glue.



RevitaBrow® Advanced

RevitaBrow® – a brand new, innovative product stimulating the growth of eyebrows has joined the family of Revitalash enhancers. The product contains the same active ingredients as Revitalash enriched with additional herbal extracts from ginseng, green tea, honeysuckles, marigold, wheat and saw palmetto. Revitabrow$reg ADVANCED stimulates restoration of eyebrows damaged and thinned as a result of depilation and ageing. Revitabrow® ADVANCED is also recommended for women with permanent eyebrow makeup.

It improves the look of eyebrows, making them look darker, fuller and thicker.

Instructions for use:

Revitabrow® ADVANCED should be applied once a day on a clean and dry skin using the special applicator.

Apply Revitabrow® ADVANCED with a few sweeps to your eyebrows to make them thicker, fuller and more beautiful.





Hair Advanced

Hair Advanced by RevitaLash hair conditioner. Improve the look of your thin and weak hair in just a few weeks.

Invention of a conditioner stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows by ophthalmologist Michel Brinkenhoff inspired the scientists to search for a product that could strengthen your hair as well.

Hair Advanced by RevitaLash® is a unique hair conditioner that strengthens and thickens your hair, making it fuller and more healthy. The product improves the look of thin and weak hair.

You just need to apply two portions of foam to clean, wet hair and rub it into your hair in spots where you wish to have thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Do not wash your head after applying the conditioner and do your hair as usual. The rich formula of our unique hair conditioner contains gingko biloba, ginseng, chaenomeles japonica and wheat protein.





RevitaLash® Mascara

Mascara by Revitalash is an innovative product.

SIts unique formula and special applicator will make your eyelashes beautiful.

They will look fuller and more tempting than ever.

Used together with Revitalash conditioner, Revitalash mascara guarantees spectacular results.





RevitaLash® Perfect Primer

RevitaLash® Perfect Primer nourishes and prepares your eyelashes for application of mascara. It makes your eyelashes smooth, making it easier to apply mascara. It covers your eyelashes with a silky smooth layer that makes mascara last longer. Blue color will make your eyes bigger and shinier. The primer enhances natural eye colour and makes mascara look better. It nourishes eyelashes and protects them from breaking off.

The primer improves the look of your eyelashes and doubles their volume. It curls and smoothens your eyelashes. The primer improves the effects of mascara and makes it last longer.

Instructions for use:

Apply a layer of RevitaLash® Perfect Primer and immediately, when the primer is still wet, apply your favourite colour of Mascara by RevitaLash.





Revitalash® Fineline Primer



RevitaLash® Fineline Primer – a filling makeup primer, producing an immediate effect of smooth and supple skin. Delicate and silky smooth emulsion designed to transform into a perfect primer that will make fine lines and wrinkles on your skin softer and less visible, improve the contours of your face and make your skin look smooth and supple. Extract from brown algae stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid and acts as a “sweeper” of free radicals. It protects your skin against loss of flexibility and elasticity. Caprylic triglycerides inhibit dehydration by creating a special barrier on the surface of your skin. It uses the effect of spherical light scattering and the so called dispersed powder effect to make your skin look smooth and relaxed. It immediately smoothens your skin, minimizing shadows and slight imperfections. Fine lines and wrinkles become less visible and softer. At the same time, your skin remains smooth, supple and soft.

The product has been tested dermatologically and clinically, is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. The product was not tested on animals.



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