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An innovative tool for reconstruction and reshaping of ingrown nails. The restorer is a device built of many elements made of stainless steel that touch the body directly and can be sterilized. It is 100% hygienic and safe.
The purpose of the restorer is to straighten all the nails, both large and small ones, as well as fingernails. It perfectly straightens thin nails (in children and young people with severe inflammation), as well as thick and pincer nails that had previously been shaped (straightened) with braces.
The nail restorer is a perfect alternative to tampons that must be used for 3-5 months after the therapy with braces.


  • it restores proper shape of nails,
  • it provides immediate help to children, avoiding the application of metal braces,
  • is straightens out sensitive (thin) nails (the effects are very quick),
  • it straightens thicker, twisted and folded nail plates,
  • it compensates for nail losses, giving the nail plate a proper look and growth direction,
  • it corrects further shape of the nail from the very beginning (nail bed),
  • it ensures a desired shape of nails deformed after surgical interventions,
  • it prevents wounds and toe amputation in patients with diabetes,
  • the procedure is non-invasive and almost painless, the patient can return to work immediately,
  • this method is an alternative to surgery,
  • it does not cause discomfort in everyday walking,
  • it provides immediate relief for the patient,
  • the method is non-invasive and the recurrence rate is very low,
  • low level of pain is achieved without the use of anesthetics.



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