Ingrown and Twisting Nails

It is a common ailment which is painful and obstructs the normal functioning. Most often concerning big toes and in some cases may also apply to other toenails. The nails are curved downward. They roll up thrusting to the soft tissue that is surrounding the nail. The slight initial pain, tenderness and tightness indicate inflammation caused by growing into the nail. In further course occurs swelling, secretion, building up wild tissue – the inflammation worsens. The resulting wound may fester and be very painful. Second disease is “Twisting Nail” called Tubular Nail, regardless of whether one or both sides, but without signs of inflammation of the nail fold.

Nails ingrown or twisted in regardless of the age and sex. Predisposing factors for ingrowths of the nails are:
– Improper nail cutting, to excessive cutting angles of the nail,
– Wearing bad-fitting footwear (too tight, on heels, with narrow tips),
– Mechanical injuries (stepped on, the fall of heavy objects),
– Long-term fungus (distorts, weakens and reduces growth path of the nail),
– Some sports (football, ballet),
– A sudden increase in body weight (pregnancy),
– Genetic presence of ingrown nails,
– Setting the clip with saturation monitoring vital signs, both in preterm infants as well as adult people being monitored long.

Previous ingrown nails treatment method was surgery. Among which we distinguish extraction of nail plate, removal of the nail bed, wedge removal of nail with the nail matrix. Our experience shows that these methods are not effective and even worsen the condition of the nail. Surgical interventions lead to even greater ingrowth of the nail. This is due to assumption of strong and compression dressings on the wound after surgery and damage to the matrix. Therefore, after a few months or even years, the nail begins to grow again.

Risks and problems associated with growing of the nails:

– Walking in shoes causing pain and irritability of the wounded place,
– The intrusion of bacteria which deepens the inflammation,
– Hypergranulation, appearance of wild meat,
– In case of diabetes the risk of serious complications after rupture of the skin,
– Rot of the nail plate and toe leads to amputation risk,


For nail not to ingrown you have to:
– Properly cut nails (without rounding the sides,
– Wearing well-fit and comfortable footwear,
– Observe the proper care of the feet,
– Use properly selected products for feet c are,
– Use the tips of podiatric office.

In case of ingrown nail you can use VHO Osthold Perfect method that works quickly and smoothly. Attaching the brace on the ingrown toenail is almost painless and it is alternative option for surgery.

Advantages of VHO Osthold Perfect:
– Immediate removal of pain
– Avoid painful operations
– an important advantage not only for diabetics
– Does not bother while walking
– Does not restrict mobility

If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

cost of VHO staple assumption: 150 zł/staple


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Restorer Zdrowe Stopy

An innovative device for restoration and shaping of ingrown nails.The restorer is a device made of many stainless steel parts that contact the body directly and can be sterilized. It ensures 100% hygiene and safety.
The purpose of the restorer is to straighten up all the toenails, both big and small, as well as fingernails. It is perfect for thin nails (e.g. in children and young people with severe inflammation), as well as thick and tubular nails previously shaped (straightened) using braces.
The nail restorer is a perfect alternative for tampons that should be used for 3-4 months after completion of the treatment with braces.

      • used to restore proper shape of nails,
      • provides immediate help to children, avoiding the need for metal braces,
      • can be used to straighten delicate (thin) ingrown nails (satisfactory results can be achieved very quickly),
      • straightens up thicker, twisted and bent nail plates,
      • restores nail losses, ensuring proper shape and growth direction of the nail plate,
      • corrects the nail shape from the very beginning (the matrix),
      • gives a desired shape to nails deformed as a result of surgical interventions,
      • prevents from formation of wounds and amputation in patients with diabetes,
      • non-invasive and almost painless procedure allows patients to resume their professional work immediately,
      • an alternative to surgery,
      • does not cause discomfort while walking,
      • provides patients with immediate relief,
      • a preventive method with a low rate of recurrence,
      • low pain level is achieved without the use of anesthetics.

The nail restorer is a revolution on the market. Being a multi-function device, far better than other devices (the cost one procedure is equal to the cost of application of the metal bracket) will make the work of podiatrists, cosmeticians and pedicure specialist much easier.

If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

    Restorer: 150 z/ procedure


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