Relief and Amortization


Unfortunately during life lower limbs are exploited which leads to changes and deformations that are determined genetically.

Their development depends on:
– Genetic load
– General hygiene movement
– The type of work
– Footwear
– State of the skeletal system and deformation of the spine
– Body weight
– Use of the inserts
– Diseases (rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, blood supply disorder, mechanical damage and established on their basis bone and tissue diseases)

Reliefs, orthotics and appropriate dressings are individually selected or performed by podiatrist measures protecting selected place.

Orthotics are constructed in such a way and with such materials to effectively eliminate the pressure and friction in selected place of the foot.

Use of reliefs and orthotics is especially recommended after removal of the corn in order to prevent it growth. Removal of warts, calluses or cracks on heels also requires using such methods. For people with diabetes its use is done with great care and caution.

Relieving-correction dressings protect from:
– infection and loss of the medicine
– Friction and pressure
– They relieve skin and soft tissue
– They correct muscle, joints and bone tissues
– They prevent deepening and renewal of skin changes
– They are used instead of inserts

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