Warts, Cryopen device

Papular lesion of the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). It has a rough surface, oval shape, is convexed and it spreads in. Most often they occur on the feet and hands. In some cases it is mistaken with corn which leads to improper treatment and contribution to its spreading.

Exact reason for its formation is not known. Weakening of the immune system favors its creation eg. Mental fatigue, too much exercise, pregnancy, severe operations, systemic diseases, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, inflammatory diseases, circulatory system disorders, excessive sweating and others. Cuts, abrasions or cracks are favorable conditions for creation of HPV virus.

We need to remove warts, because they can move to other places and may create inflammation and they are highly contagious. The more we grow it, the more we tread it into the skin, which causes pain while walking.

Warts quickly settle in the skin and her non-invasive removal takes time. It happens that it disappears on its own, but mostly it must be expertly removed. This ensures that it will not appear in the future.

Cost of treatment 60 zł/wart



2. Most viral warts can be removed with Cryopen device. This device is used to deliver nitrous oxide under the relative pressure of 55 bar and temperature of -89oC.oC.

The most important thing is proper diagnosis of the skin disease. A podiatrist can tell a difference between a viral wart (plantar wart) and a tyloma or callus.

The podiatric salon uses non-invasive methods only. The treatment usually takes a lot of time and requires cooperation and discipline on the patient’s side.

The treatment consists in the application of a proper medical agent that causes rejection of infected skin cells. Usually, from 3 to 12 treatments are necessary.

 If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

Cost of treatment 100 zł/wart




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