Treating Cracked Heels


Patient No. 1

Due to dryness and lack of elasticity of the skin there are cracks on the heels. During the treatment callous was removed painlessly which reduced tensions of the skin that were leading to cracks. We smoothed the heels and selected appropriate preparations for foot care at home.


Patient No. 2

A patient with diabetes. Due to the disease, foot skin is very dry, causing cracked heels.


Patient No. 3

A patient with severe heel calluses. Crackings appeared as a result of dry epidermis. Calluses were removed and the skin surface was mechanically polished using a drill.


Patient No. 4

The picture shows very dry and calloused sole skin. There appeared very painful cracks. Medical pedicure was performed, propolis was applied and heel was relieved. The patient is still being treated.


Patient No. 5

A patient with heel hyperkeratosis. Lack of home care resulted in large cracks causing pain.The epidermis was removed, propolis was applied and proper cosmetics for daily care were recommended.


Patient No. 6

The patient appeared at the salon for cosmetic pedicure. It was obvious that the skin is very dry and cracked. Cracks were removed using a drill, propolis and propolis ointment was applied. The patient received cosmetics for daily care.

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