Ingrown and Twisting Nails

VHO Osthold Brace Method

Patient No. 1


Patient during therapy.Nail after unsuccessful surgical intervention. The pain subsided after 2 days from imposing VHO Osthold brace.

Patient No. 2

wrast. 1 przedwrast. 1 po

Patient with pain caused by compression of the nail into the tissue of the nail shaft. To help himself patient unnecessarily cut ingrown part.

Patient No. 3



The patient was seen when there was a massive inflammation to ingrown nail. In the picture we can see the effect obtained after 3 months of treatment.

Patient No. 4


Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen with “wild meat” which was created as a result of nail filing in the side shafts. Wearing inappropriate footwear and poor care has led to this state.

Patient No. 5


Patient was seen with ingrown nails early which resulted in a quick cure.

Patient No. 6


Patient was seen with massive pain when the tissue was pierced by the nail. As a result of therapy the pain was neutralized and the nail was cured and directed its proper growth.

Patient No. 7



Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen with “tubular” nails when walking was causing her a lot of pain. We treated her using VHO Osthold braces in order to draw the curving sides of the nail. Due to large changes in the shape of the nail we estimated duration of the treatment for about 1 year.

Patient No. 8


Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen when granulation appeared due to ingrown of the nail. To VHO brace wire we used sorbalgon tamponade.

Patient No. 9


Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen after cutting the sides of the ingrown nail for 10 years. It has led to a strong ingrown near the matrix. The nail was completely led after 3 months of treatment.

Patient No. 10


Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen because of the pain that appeared after mechanical damage of the nail. Ingrown of the nail was a resulted of this. VHO Osthold staple and Atrauman Ag dressing were used.

Patient No. 11

Wrast. 2 przedwrast. 2 po

It is a classic effect of cutting the nail on the sides – inflammation with large exudation. The treatment took 4 months.

Patient No. 12


Patient during therapy.

Patient was seen with pain and recurrent inflammation caused by ingrown nail. This was a result of wearing inappropriate footwear. This condition was cured by VHO Osthold brace and we recommended wearing comfortable footwear.

Patient No. 13



Patient was a women who cutting the nail on the sides. VHO Osthold braces treatment.

Patient No. 14



A case of hard and strong nails which were improper cut for many years. Because of that they began to “twist in”. They have been treated by VHO Osthold braces.

Patient No. 15


Patient was seen when walking was causing a lot of pain. VHO Osthold brace and tamponades were used in treatment. They were fixated so the patient does not have to change them at home.

Patient No.16


Patient was seen with ingrown nails problem that appeared after pregnancy. Antibacterial Atrauman Ag dressing in the form of tamponade was applied in the lateral nail fold. Visible effect was achieved after 4 months of treatment.

Patient No. 17


Patient during therapy.

Patient with massive inflammation and granulation. The nail was cured using VHO Osthold braces.Persisting bleeding was making tamponade difficult. Patient had to repeat it at least 3 times a day. In addition Atrauman Ag and Omnifix dressing were used.

Patient No. 18


This case is showing multiple incompetent surgeons interference. The effect that is visible on the picture occurred after 6 months of treatment.

Patient No. 19


Patient with a huge inflammation which occurred as a result of the nail rolling up during growth and hammering in the soft tissue surrounding the nail. The duration of the treatment was estimated to be several months.

Patient No. 20


Patient had genetically conditioned “tubural” nails. Because nails were very strong and fragile the treatment lasted for 3 years.

Foot and nail treatment – gallery

In our podiatric salons in Wrocław and Opole, we have already helped a lot of patients with painful foot and nail problems. In the pictures below, you can see the results of our work and procedures such as callous removal, diabetic foot treatment, as well as treatment of ingrown and twisting nails. Thanks to our mycological testing we also successfully treat nail fungal diseases.

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