For Daily Care




Canola lipo – cream with canola oil

A creamy care balm for tense foot skin: it provides delicate protection during the day and intensive care at night! The product contains unique canola oil as the active ingredient. It also contains allantonin, which facilitates the natural process of epidermal healing, even in case of scratches, cracking and grooves. The product does not contain mineral oils, vaseline or dyes.




Foot Balm

Everyday delicate care with active ingredients of chamomille oil (bisabolol and azulene). The balm provides a long-lasting soothing and refreshing effect for tired feet. Depending on your needs, rub the balm into skin several times a day.




Foot balm plus

Balm for dry, low-lipid skin. Apart from high-quality basic active ingredients, the balm contains a high percentage of care oils and lipids. It is especially recommended to use before bedtime.




Aloe gel

Aloe liquid has a beneficial effect on skin lesions and irritated skin. When used daily, it smoothens and firms the skin. The gel is dedicated for dry foot skin requiring moisturization. The gel contains high concentration of aloe vera (over 90%) and menthol extracted from pure peppermint oil. Pentavitin based on natural sugar compounds serves as a highly efficient moisture regulator. The formula corresponds to the natural carbohydrate complex in human skin. The product does not contain artificial fragrances or dyes.



Cream with 15% urea

For hyperkeratosis and grooves; suitable for dry skin with low lipid count. Apart from urea, which has a keratolytic effect on the epidermis, the product also contains black seed oil with beneficial metabolic effects (it regulates e.g. keratosis), primrose oil and shea butter as the protective barrier (suitable for flaking skin and skin prone to inflammation). The product does not contain preservatives, vaseline or mineral oils.




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