Micro-needling therapy

Micro-needling therapy. The goal of the therapy is to stimulate and regenerate nail bed. By stimulating the bed mechanically, we can facilitate nail growth and improve nail oxygenation. As blood circulation is improved, the bed can function properly. The therapy is used in the case of nails that have stopped growing due to injury, disease or other bed-related lesions.

Preparations used in micro-needling therapy:

In this therapy, we use ozonated olive oil and collagen.

Ozone has:


->anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties,

->it facilitates healing of damaged skin,

->improves blood and lymph circulation,

->thus improving tissue oxygenation,

->reducing inflammation and fluid retention.

Collagen has:

->protective and lubricating properties,

->speeds up wound healing and limits transepidermal water loss.


The procedure consists in doing micro-injuries that are shallow enough to prevent scarring, but also deep enough to stimulate self-regeneration of skin. Self-regeneration stimulation is the first step in the process of regeneration and increased production of elastin and collagen.

Before the therapy, it is necessary to perform a number of tests (OB, CRP, CEA, TSH, HCV etc.) The patients should have the tests performed on their own (the test results must be no more than one month old).

Counter-indications for ozone therapy include:

->status post recent heart attack,

->fresh bleeding,




->children below the age of 16,



->active tuberculosis,

->active viral diseases.

Price: 220 zł/one treatment

We must do three treatments.

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