Nail Fungus (Lunula Laser, Mycological examination)




What is Onychomycosis?
Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the toenails. The source of infection are mostly dermatophytes. You may suffer from onychomycosis if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Thickened nail
  • Crumbly or brittle nail
  • Nail distorted in shape or separated
  • Nail with no luster or shine
  • A dark colored nail, caused by debris build-up

A simple solution:

LunulaTM Laser

Therapy with Lunula laser ensures bright, straight and good looking nails after just a few treatments.

The manufacturer of the laser has proven that:

  • The Laser LunulaTM eliminates nail fungal diseases in just four 12-minute, painless treatments
  • The therapy is painless, it does not require any additional time for regeneration or healing
  • It ensures a visible growth of beautiful nails without any side effects

The Laser LunulaTM kills fungus that lives in and under the toenail. The  laser light passes through the nail without causing damage to it or the surrounding skin. Safe and effective, the Erchonia Lunula Laser poses none of the risk and harmful side effects of anti-fungal medications.


Symptoms that might suggest a disease is change of the color of the nail, fissure, hyperkeratosis and crumbling nails. They are characterized by yellow-green color, moist mass which are under it and have specific smell.

Onychomycosis usually develops on one nail and then another nail plates get infected. It is very easy to get infected and it affected people of all ages.

Favoring factors are:
– excessive sweating of the feet
– wearing too warm and too tight footwear
– Mechanical injuries
– walking bare foot in public places
– Systemic diseases
– taking medicines

It is a problem which cannot be handle by yourself. It is necessary to collect material for fungus laboratory testing, cleaning the nail and also reconstruction of the nail plate.

Starting treatment without mycological confirmation is the most common cause of failure and patient exposure to unnecessary expenses related to the purchase of expensive medicines.

Mycological examination relies on the detection and differentiation of the fungus in suspected of the fungal disease change. The test consists of two stages: direct examination and urinalysis.

What does the treatment stand for?
Due to the fact that fungus infection might be caused in our area by different fungi like: dermatophytes, yeasts and molds, and in other countries by tropical fungi, the examination has to establish the presence of the fungus and determine its species.

Indications for the test:
– A suspected fungal etiology (cause) of the disease lesion
– determination of the fungus species
Examination is performed on order of doctor or podiatrist (cosmetologist) in case of suspected fungal infection while doing pedicure.

Preparation for the examination
There is absolutely no need for doing any other examinations. Please note that any previous treatments using salves, creams, liquids or generic medicines may lead to false results. Therefore for mycological examination you have to report in before the treatment or 2 weeks after the treatment. On the examination day you should not wash the affected place.

Information to be notified before the test:
– Past and current diseases
– Last used medicines (salves, creams, oral medications)

How to behave after the examination?
In case of a negative result ie. no fungus found, when the clinical picture strongly suggest the fungal etiology of the disease lesion, the examination should be repeated at least three times.

Possible complications after the examination
No complications. The test can be repeated many times. It is preformed on patients of any age and also pregnant women.

If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

Cost of treatment Lunula Laser since 250 zł
Cost of mycological examination: 160 zł

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