Podiatric Treatment Specialist Pedicure

We are able to help people who suffer from feet diseases and illnesses. Using today’s apparatus and dressing materials we are able to liquidate deep cracks, ingrown nails, nail loss, fungal plates (we collect materials for laboratory testing), thickened toenails, calluses, corns, we also relieve painful site (individual orthopaedic braces).

People with diabetes should use preventive podiatric treatment.
Regular treatments can prevent from drastic consequences like amputation. The most serious complication that can occur in patient suffering from diabetes is diabetic foot syndrome. Ingrown nail correction treatment can save us from surgery.

Disorders in diabetes are leading to changes in the skin which result in different receiving external stimuli. Pain feel is reduced and it is easy to miss the moment of skin damage. Therefore on the appointment in the salon during the pedicure treatment we might notice warts, calluses and corns which are burdensome and dangerous and often not noticed before.

Treatments are performed very carefully and gently. Cutting nails, cutting cuticles, performing individual relieve – all that to prevent formation of the “door” for potential infection.

If you have problems with your feet , you can visit us for a free consultation . Just call into the salon and we will reservation the best date for you .

Cost of surgery since 140 zł
House call minimum 100 zł plus arrival cost (the price depends on the type of treatment)


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